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Insulated pipes

PVC insulated copper pipes

Used for:
• water supply
• heating
• cooling

PVC insulated pipes are designed to provide additional external protection for plumbing installations. In particular, PVC insulation offers protection against mechanical abrasion during installation, protection against harsh weather conditions, as well as protection against severe environmental conditions above and underground.

Material: DHP-Cu Deoxidized copper-phosphorus (min Cu 99,90 %, P 0,015 % – 0,040 %)
Standard: EN 1057
Length: 50-meter-long coils

Mechanical properties:

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Used for:

• air conditioners
• cooling

These pipes offer an obvious advantage in cooling and air conditioning!

Material: DHP-Cu Deoxidized copper-phosphorus (min Cu 99,90 %, P 0,015 %-0,040 %)

Insulation: high-quality extruded polyethylene foam (PEF) whose structure consists of very small cells. The outer part of the insulation is covered with a protective layer made of three different types of polyethylene.

Low-density Pe-X insulation is cross-linked with a 9 mm thick HCF or fiber-free PEF polyethylene foam.

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Standard: EN 12735-1
Length: 50-meter-long coils, 19,05 and 22,22 25-meter-long coils

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These pipes have introduced an innovation in engineering that provides significant benefits for cooling and air conditioning system installers:

  • Simplifying the installation process and reducing working time
  • Reduction in overall construction cost
  • Reliable operation of installations and significant reduction in energy consumption
  • Economical and aesthetically pleasing use of space
  • Attractive price
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