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Copper-com was founded on October 27, 1992, as a private, manufacturing and trading company. The main activity of the company, ever since its establishment, has been the trade of brass and copper products on domestic and foreign markets. Our past year was marked by a successful business operation and cooperation with a large number of clients who have placed their trust in us.

The company has been operating within the Free Customs Zone of Uzice since 2012. Copper-com is the only company in this field in Serbia that works in the Free Zone, and that provides a lot of advantages and business benefits.

Additionally, Copper-Com purchases copper and brass secondary raw materials. Our company is certified in purchase, storage, sorting and delivery of copper and brass raw materials.

Copper-com is the main distributor in Serbia and former republics of Yugoslavia for companies from ViaHalco group: Halcor, Fitco and Sofia Med.

Founder and owner of the “Copper-com” Ltd is Milovan Cvijovic.

About us



Fiscal benefits

The exemption from all taxes for foreign direct investments, VAT and specific local taxes.

No custom duties

On the import of goods, equipment and raw materials used for export-oriented production.

Simple, yet fast customs procedure

Each zone has its own Customs Administration Office.

Copper-Com Ltd
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